Myofascial release in clinical massage therapy

Providing Quality Clinical Massage Therapy
It's known by many names: Therapeutic massage and bodywork, orthopedic massage, clinical massage, injury rehabilitation massage. Your session will be focused on helping you to prevent soft-tissue injuries, recover faster from them, and improve your overall athletic performance.
Muscle pain and tension, sports injuries and rehab, headaches and nerve pain
Soft-tissue refers to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (or connective tissue) of the body. Fascia is where scar tissue build-up occurs. This tissue can cause decreases in function and therefore decreases well-being in our lives . If too tight, it can cause ischemia (lack of proper blood supply) to different regions of the body, or it can cause nerve entrapment.

Therapeutic massage therapy and bodywork can help to relieve both these issues and along with stretching and therapeutic exercises, can correct proper body alignment, musculoskeletal function and help to maintain a state of well-being.
Your session will be focused on a specific area or goal, rather than a full body massage. The work will be based on your physician's diagnosis, or we will use soft-tissue assessment, observation of posture and your personal account of what's bothering you to determine how massage therapy can best help you.
Massage sessions are customized  to each individual's needs and can be comprised of, but are not limited to,  any of the following techniques:

  • Tui Na Medical Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Structural Bodywork
  • Russian Sports Massage
  • Shiatsu and Thai Massage
  • Repatterning and Awareness Exercises
  • As well as other methods   See more >>
Clinical massage therapy can have some, or all, of the following benefits:

  • Decrease Muscle Stiffness and Fatigue
  • Decrease Inflammation After Exercise
  • Improve Range of Motion In Joints
  • Improve  Exercise Performance
  • Help Prevent Injuries
  • And many other benefits   See more >>

Take Good Care of You!



I'm normally not a guy who seeks out massages and the spa stuff, but I had a buddy who said Richard helped a lot, and had a great experience. I took his word to see what Richard could do about an old re-occuring athlete injury (weather getting colder, so I feel some aches in this transition).

Richard was a great listener and offered a lot I can do to to help manage some pain and ways to keep it "warm and loose" on these colder days. Massage was incredible. Seemed to always know when to move to different areas and worked in a way that my body could relax and get the most from what he offered. Walked out feeling amazing and as if the cold didn't even bother me. If you never gotten a massage or wanna explore different people in the area, DO see Richard.

-Joaquin O.
Incredible therapeutic massage! Richard is very knowledgeable about mechanics of the body and focuses on facilitating improvement in motion and flexibility.

He doesn't perform just a generic spa massage and I greatly appreciate that he's focused on goals to improve my body and well being and not just some boring "relaxing" massage. I also love that I can pop in for a 30 minute session to work on a specific issue and see results!

Richard is very professional and I always feel comfortable in his space and under his care. I am so grateful that he is here and sad I didn't come sooner!

-Vivienne V.
As a massage therapist myself I have had many (many!) massage therapists work on me and Richard Kreidi is without a doubt one of the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioners I know.

I recently saw him for with with a chronic shoulder issue where he was able to loosen up the dysfunctional tissues and increase my range of motion considerably, while also easing the discomfort the issue causes. Afterwards, I felt great for weeks, and combined with his easy going communication style, I couldn't be happier with the bodywork I received.

Can't wait to go back for more!

-Dawn P.
Richard helped me, to complete the healing process from my shoulder injury, PT and Chiropractic just wasn't enough. My favorite part of going to Richard is that it felt like he was invested in his work. I always felt like his attention was completely focused on his work, it's so rare to find that in the medical profession these days.

-Shasta L.
Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his intuitive touch. He is open, honest and caring, skilled in Eastern philosophy and Western modalities. Using sound biomechanical principles, he is able to address root causes rather than chasing pain. You'll leave his care with greater awareness, more mobility, and less pain.

-Ryan W.